The Technology
WTR Tec’s core technology is based on the combined Electro Coagulation (EC) / Electro Floatation (EF) and the new approach to make them practically viable. EC and EF make use of direct influence on contaminants in water in the molecular and micro levels. The EC process produces positive ions to farther neutralize negative surface charges of contaminant species so to produce aggregates and the EF process produces micro bubbles that cause aggregates to float and farther being evacuated by physical means. For years the disadvantage of these very promising technologies laid in the processes’ degrees of freedom, each of which contains more than 20 degrees of freedom.  Finding the set point, the range and the correction algorithm for the process, requires more than one million (!!) experiments as minimum, being a real barrier to the process optimization and the cause of the absence of effective EC/EF based systems in the market. WTR Tec has successfully solved this disadvantage by applying multidisciplinary methodologies to decrease the number of degrees of freedoms to a level were finding the optimal working point is practical.
Practically, for each and every contaminated stream a complete and small finite number of experiments, run on a Lab system provides the settings of the industrial system in a tailor made mode.
WTR tec has developed a mini Lab system (Fig. 1) and a small testing system (Fig. 2) to carry on the series of experiments and the Alfa site field experiments (the later provides the set point for the modular system.

The reduction of the energy consumption is achieved by using electro-chemical and hydro-dynamical processes with very intensive effects in solution yet very low energy consumption.

The Product
The Water Purification systems (XX_yyyy) combined of electro-chemical and hydro-dynamical cells, processing the solution in a fully controlled sequence mode. The system processes waste water in a stream in one step. The modularity of the system provides an unlimited water purification volume.

The product’s inherent innovation centers on continues, in stream, one step process and the six primary characteristics and the combination thereof:

  • Small footprint fully controlled machine
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low capital and operation costs.
  • High recovery ratio (>99%)
  • An environmentally friendly, additive’s free process.
  • A modular, standalone system.

WTR Tec’s modular reactor is designed to treat different types of contaminated waste water with different levels of concentration. The modularity enable the use of high volumes of WW with the same control unit. The rigidity in working with the same predesigned units is compensated by the flexibility in controlling dynamical parameters.
By now, WTR Tec has successfully launched the following:

The HM_2550 is fully described in a case study published in "EverythingAboutWater" water magazine (see link)

Our Services

Fig. 2 - The "test" systems

Metal purification: Cromium - left, Nickel - right

Turbidity Test (Laundry system)

Fig. 1 - the "lab" systems

Metal concentration - Cobalt