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Ever thought of what our world will look like with polluted water? We've been using our knowledge and expertise  in waste water purification preserve the environment.


At WTR Tec., we're dedicated to mastering the industrial and domestic waste water treatment and recycling. You supply the vision for your process, and we'll do the rest.

The Company
WTR Tec is operating in the field of waste water treatment and recycling for human, agricultural and industrial use since 2011. The company was first established by Dr. Menashe Rajuan following the growing demands for water purification and recycling in urban zones, in particular recycling of industrial contaminated process water. The company’s breakthrough technology is based on a novel approach to the multi variables Electro Coagulation (EC) / Electro Floatation (EF) processes, results in an optimized one step, in stream process which is energetically and operationally cost effective.

The leading concept in the company’s technology is based on purging of the contamination from water instead of filtering volumes of water.

The company is dedicated to the development, production and marketing low foot print, energetically efficient, fully controlled water purification systems. The company has launched its first operating system HM_2550 for the heavy metal coating industry in 2013.

The Product
WTR_HM_2550: The system combines continuously and simultaneously electro-coagulation and electro-flotation processes to a ‘one step’ machine. It is specifically designed to purge all contaminates by forcing it to first aggregate and then float and separate itself from the treated WW. Through WTR Tec’s proprietary algorithm the system is programmed to adjust its processes in accordance with the makeup of intake WW and desired exiting treated water. By doing so the system is taking advantage of the new development of the WTR_Yy, an in line metal concentration analyzer.

The combination of electro-coagulation and electro-flotation processes driven by WTR Tec’s proprietary algorithm renders its unique and innovative;
  • An efficient process targeted at the contaminates which are a minute portion of WW processed, results in a very low energy consumption
  • No need for expensive filters, chemicals or biological agents
  • A small footprint, modular and scalable reactor.
  • A continuously in-stream process

All the above characteristics of the system makes it highly suitable for domestics and industrial waste water recycling where free areas are very expensive or not available at all, water costs are very high and so are the regulation demands.

WTR_Yy: An in line analyzer has been developed recently for heavy metal and other contamination for process QC and as a feedback to the control unit. The first analyzer in this line is the WTR_Cr analyzer that accurately detects residual Chromium concentration in water. The development of other heavy metal residual in water and the combination of them is under development. In the near future the company will offer the WTR_Cr analyzer as a standalone unit for use in other systems as well.

WTR_LB_200_1: Based on the unique design of WTR tec modular unit, WTR tec has developed a manually operated Lab unit that is capable of performing a series of predefined experiments to accurately define the set point of the process and the specific operational mode of the modular unit. The Lab unit can work in a batch mode or in a continuous mode. A fully automatic continuous lab unit capable of performing a series of predefined experiments to accurately define the set point of the desired process for specific waste water influent is under development. The new Lab unit capabilities allow nonprofessional personnel to define the set point for the modular unit in situ.     

The Market
WTR Tec has developed the technology and systems to fit the domestic and industrial markets, characterized by high area costs, high waste water costs and high recycled water acceptance.

The industrial market for these systems includes intensive water users such as:
  • metal finishing and metal coating
  • Oil & Gas Ind.
  • textile industry
  • Pulp & Paper Ind.
  • industrial laundries
  • nutrition industries

The industrial market is highly regulated and inspections monitoring the drain system are made on a regular basis. EC is the only technology that does not require the usage of chemical additives and enable the reuse of the treated water in the process in a fully recycled mode, leaving the drain system (and the regulator) out of the picture.

The domestic market shows that about 1/3 of water use goes to flesh toilets and another 1/3 goes to showers (the rest, 1/3 of water use is used for cooking, laundry, cleaning etc’). Recycling shower water and reuse after treatment for toilet flashing will save up to 1/3 of total domestic use. This unit is under development.